Brazilshopping was actually born during the 80īs when, after so many trips abroad, my brother and i started to notice the increasing admiration people shared for every typical items we took with us, such as Brazilian typical food, stones, jewelry, pictures, crafts and even industrialized items. Later, we started to take them in quantity in order to sell or exchange for other countries handcrafts.

     When Internet arrived, this was the password for us to start selling items online, which we began in 1999. We buy the best selling items in large quantities in order to achieve a fair resselling price and, although we do not stock every item we sell, we have the capacity of getting every ordered item in less than 24 hours.

     As security in online transactions is definitely an issue, we decided to have all our sales to go through an international secure system with millions of customers worldwide which is PayPal. We can also offer alternative payment methods upon request. Please send your email for info regarding these payments to For shipping and handling we chose a method our international customers could track their orders via Internet besides being much cheaper than solutions like Fedex or DHL. Our shipping goes through the Brazilian National Mail at a fixed rate according to the total weight of items.

     Brazilshopping guarantees every item is genuinely produced in Brazil and we are able to accept large quantity orders at discount prices too. Just email for a quote.



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